• From the Beginning
    Totally Devoted cookies came from my desire to provide new mums and their families with healthy and convenient snacks. When my second child Maisie was born she developed eczema soon after she was born.
    Posted: Saturday 20 May 2017
  • This was new to me as my partner and I had never had eczema. At times it would get so bad she would scratch her face until it bled, which broke my heart. I took her to the doctor who suggested steroid creams and adding bleach to her bathwater. Neither of these options sat well with me so I started my own research. I discovered that food can play a major part in skin problems. I also began to understand the importance of gut health in overall wellbeing.

    I decided to try cutting out dairy and wheat completely from my diet whilst breastfeeding and started taking probiotics. Slowly Maisie’s skin got better and my knowledge and interest in diet developed. I became really fascinated with the role food can play in our health.

    At that time there were very few healthy snack food options on the market and only a few that were dairy and wheat free. Most of those tended to taste like dust. I started baking my own snacks and eventually got used to the alternative flour options.
    Posted: Saturday 20 May 2017

Whilst sitting around breastfeeding with a group of mammas we got to talking about milk supply and quality. The wonderful herbalist mamma, Natasha Berman from QBABY, suggested I add some herbs to the cookies we were eating with the aim of increasing milk supply.

I created a wheat and dairy free galactogogue (milk-making) rich Feeding Cookie and then added the extra magic herbs. I shared these cookies with my mumma friends and waited eagerly for the feedback. SUCCESS!! Everyone was so impressed with the results that I decided to take them to a local market. The market was slow and I only sold about 4 of the 15 bags of cookies I had taken. So they weren’t wasted I started eating them myself kind of forgetting what they were. Two days later I woke up with a completely soaked bed (sorry ick). I then knew I was onto something and was keen to share the cookies with breastfeeding mummas everywhere

Lactation Cookies