Wholesome, delicious foods made with unconditional love and devotion, packed with healthy benefits...

Welcome to Totally Devoted, the food with benefits. Totally Devoted was created from a desire to provide new mums and health conscious men with wholesome and natural products. And it doesn’t hurt that they taste great, too.

"We aren’t putting time and energy into fancy schmansy marketing or slick advertising slogans trying to convince people we are something we’re not. What we are is a company that sells real food with real ingredients that have real health benefits. Simple."

Founder Jesse, who has two young children, spent most of her working life as a professional chef. Blair, the other half of this founding duo, brings to the business a wealth of experience in marketing, knowing what works and understanding the importance of listening to the market to provide them with what they really want.

We are proud of our product, it's quality and the inherent health benefits they offer. So much so that we are excited to introduce you to our first four products; the Feeding Cookie, the Ginger Cookie,  the Wellness Cookie and the Clever Cookie

Our entire range are wheat, dairy and preservative free, making them ideal for sensitive tummies.

Totally Devoted’s Feeding Cookie is a nourishing and tasty package full of love. It contains a selection of natural herbs and ingredients that are known favourites with breastfeeding mummas.

Our Ginger Cookies are the go-to cookie for mums-to-be, boat mad dads and travel-weary kids. Made with a unique selection of wholesome and organic ingredients plus the star ingredient ginger you'll want to make sure you stash a box by the bed, on the boat or in the car

The Wellness Cookie is a delicious and wholesome cookie infused with blackcurrent and kawakawa. Enhancing and maintaining wellness is vital in this modern world, so keep a box of Totally Devoted Wellness Cookies in the the pantry as a yummy, convenient and satisfying snack for the whole family.

Clever Cookies are our smart little cookies including Gingko Biloba, making them a great addition to your child's lunch box, a midnight snack for hardworking students or a clever gift for busy executives. Made with real and organic ingredients, Totally Devoted Clever Cookies are a great choice for big ideas.

Look out for our range of products in leading health food and baby stores nationwide.

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